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LiFePO4 and ESP-Now - Part 2

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As a follow up on the previous blog post.


As mentioned in the last blog post I have been trying out some 18650 LiFePO4 batteries, but some of the first results where dissapointing. I think I might have found the culprit of this. It turns out my last (big) batch of wemos d1 mini v3.1 boards leak significant when fed over the 3.3V line.

1.3 mA

This turned out the be the LDO on the board, it backfeeds 1.3-1.6mA. After removing the ldo from the board, deepsleep power consumption used +- 40µA. This is about twice of the bare module, but still a lot better.

With the bare module we get around 20µA at 3.3V.

20 µA

and 16µA at 3.0V:

16 µA

So a new set of experiments going around.

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