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Workaround for garmin broken connect server

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For a few days now I was unable to access the Garmin dashboard. The website would load a blank frame without content. Like below:

Garmin Dashboard

Looking at the Garmin forum, there are multiple reports of this:

First Second

Multiple people from the Netherlands reporting this, moderator keeps replying with:

All is fine. Check the status page at
and working perfectly for me right now.


Well it's working perfectly here so it's not a Connect issue. I suggest you call Customer Support by phone so they can
troubleshoot your system in detail.
Well it's working fine for me, both in Classic and Modern view, and has for a while now, so it's not a universal
problem. You'll need to contact Product Support.

Ok, so it works for you, so it cannot be a Garmin issue? WTF? The discussion continues like this, lets investigate.

Opening the developer page:

Garmin Dashboard

So the server is missing a bunch of javascript. Lets resolve connect.garmin.com and find another IP and a simple edit of /etc/hosts file:       connect.garmin.com

makes everything work again. I post this, people confirm this, and the moderator replies with:

Anyone with this issue call Garmin Support. They can check individual problems with individual systems, as it's
likely to be a router or your ISP issue. It's not a system wide Garmin problem.

This topic is now closed.

Eeuh wth, it isn’t. It is shown that it isn’t ( To be clear, the moderator is not a Garmin employee, but Garmin should avoid these things happening, this is not how paying customers should be treated.)

Anyway updating your hosts files fixes things and hopefully connect.garmin.com will be fixed soon. Garmin often is troubled with these kind of issues, for example I also have big issues with syncing recently (caused by same problem?).

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