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No documentation can be better then some documentation

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I like documentation, even though I am not very good creating it myself (and hate myself for it). But I try to do better with Rofi and generally it feels good once it is done. But in some cases, why did the developer even bother creating something?

This one especially annoyed me today, and would have been better with no documentation at all:

FcNameParse(3)                                                                                        FcNameParse(3)

       FcNameParse - Parse a pattern string

       #include <fontconfig/fontconfig.h>

       FcPattern * FcNameParse (const FcChar8 *name);

       Converts name from the standard text format described above into a pattern.

       Fontconfig version 2.11.0

                                                    11 10 2013                                      FcNameParse(3)

What explanation above? Is this a joke? So I entered the thing into a search engine and the first hit was this. Helpful the same bloody thing. Lets hit the up button, because that is above isn’t it? No description.

At that point, I was so annoyed, I gave up. Another day another shot at it.

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