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Gnome 3 application under not Gnome

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I do not use gnome anymore, haven’t for a reasonable time. I do however use some of the gnome 3 applications from time to time. These are mostly gedit for quick editing or as clipboard and evince. For some reason though, it seems to be harder and harder to run these applications without issues under !gnome3.

Today I opened up gedit, to quickly paste a small piece of text and this is how it looked:

Gedit under I3

First thought was ‘nice shadow’ how they do that, but when I looked closer it turned out I am getting a nice window in window. Below you see the red circle contains the window border, the green is the background with the shadow.

Gedit zoom

This is pretty ugly. I do not understand why both gnome 3 team and canonical thinks we no longer want window decorations or menu bars (GIVE ME BACK MY KEYBOARD (mnemonic ed) FRIENDLY MENU BARS), but ok, fine then not. At least try to make it work as expected outside of it and not these weird borders with shadow, this wastes space to give a shadow….

But this is not the worst screw up, in Evince they are doing the opposite and they ‘re-use’ pixels. If I put evince full screen the top-bar and the search bar start overlapping.

Normal screen:

Gedit Normal


Gedit fullscreen

During daily use this is very frustrating.

Bonus Question

Find the bug in the pasted code in gedit. This is what GCC generates. Extra bonus point if you can spot the architecture.

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