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SimpleSwitcher - Needs a new name

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The last week, in some spare minutes, I have been working some more on simpleswitcher. It is now not only a window switcher, also a launcher and allows you to easily switch between the two.

So no longer you can watch switch between windows, with a tokenized search:

Classic simpleswitcher

You can now also search on window role:

Pimped simpleswitcher

When the program is not found, press ‘?’ to switch to the launcher: Run dialog simpleswitcher

Everything uses tokenized search. So you can type in your command in any order. Its mean features are:

General: * Tokenized search. * Very small (1000+ lines of code). * Little dependencies. (xft, libx11) * Fast * Customizable (color, transparency, etc.).

Window switcher: * I3 support. * Search on Window class, title, name and role

Run dialog: * Very very fast. ( < 5ms to generate executable list) * Run in terminal support. * Last 25 choices are picked first. (sorted on top)

But, it needs a new name, simpleswitcher does not cut it anymore.

So any suggestions, please comment. The first release will be named after the person providing the winning name!

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