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first blog of 2014

It has been to long since I last blogged. Life keeps getting in the way. Recently I have been working on some off my small ‘helper’ tools. I just do not have the time to take on something big. This is very frustrating, but little I can do about it.

So tools I recently wrote, modified or extended are:


A popup window switcher roughly based on superswitcher, requiring only xlib and xft. I modified the great work from Sean Pringle. All credit for this great tool should go to him. I previously made the following changes:

Recently I have made the following updates:

Website: here


Small command-line tool to store data from Beurer BM58 Blood Pressure Monitor. The BPM program retrieves, stores and outputs blood pressure measurements from a Beurer BM56 Blood Pressure Monitor. (Any device based on Andon Blood Pressure Meter KD001 should work).

By default these devices can only store up to 60 data points. This tool is written to extend that and allow the data to be used by 3rd party programs like gnuplot. It outputs the stored points in different formats like txt and csv, and if requested, filter multiple measurements taken at the same time. Optional it can call gnuplot to generate a graph of the measurements.

Website: here


Small command-line tool to control a Voltcraft PPS-11360 Programmable DC Power Supply The tool allows you to retrieve status from the power supply, set voltage, current and output state. It is written so it can easily be used in scripts.

Website: here


Further more I have updated (mostly small build fixes) sshconf, escalc, out2html, YouLessEP and more. These can all be found on my github page.

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