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HTBackdrops plugin

This is a friendly warning to turn off the htbackdrops plugin. The domain got hijacked and is now doing not so nice things.

Disabling you can do by going to Preferences->Plugins and removing the tick in front of the backdrops plugin.

People who are running git, libglyr is providing the backdrops, update libglyr!

I got this report today:

hi, i *accidentally* noticed, that gmpc with the home theater backdrops
handler is setting up a connection with the ip, or
searchezy.com, what seems to be connected to a google redirect virus.
can someone explain this (maybe correct behaviour) or is anything known
about it? i am running gmpc v11.8.16 on lubuntu 12.10

Before I got this e-mail from htbackdrops:

as you may have noticed we did have a long downtime and are still not reachable through our domain htbackdrops.com.

Unfortunately I got into a fight with my bank and had to realize that they are a mighty bunch. My
account basically got frozen for 2 month which made me unable to pay rent, energy, phone bills nor
the server fees. It took some time to sort out these problems and because of an update of the
hosting companies accounting software there was another three weeks delay. :(


The server is back online for two weeks now. I contacted the domain holder and asked him to restore
the DNS records for htbackdrops.com but have not got a response yet. I expect the domain to come
back to live but cannot predict how long it will take. For that reason I advise you to update your
software to use our new domain http://www.htbackdrops.org!


It serves the same content htbackdrops.com did and will of course do so even when the old domain is

I am very sorry the inconvenience. I never wanted GMPC to ‘call home’, because I do not like programs doing that. In this case it might have been useful to be able to block/blacklist this plugin.



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