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New PC

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More then 5 years ago I upgraded my PC, to last 5 years. It was not a full upgrade, just the CPU, Memory and motherboard.

Later I had to update the video-card, because the old one overheated. I replaced the hard-drive by a SSD when they became affordable. But the gross of the PC is five year or more old. So slowly things started itching and I feel like replacing it.


For the new PC I have a set of requirements. I would like it to be:

So I looked at the Intel NUC, but it turns out the configuration sold is actually slower then my 5 year old PC and more expensive. The higher end models are very very expensive. The cirrus7 nimbus looks very interesting. But not yet for sale.

I am up for suggestions, but looking around so far, it is not worth upgrading.

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