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I have been very lacking in blogging lately, so here comes a quick summary:


  1. The big change from GOB written GmpcMpdDataTreeview to a new, vala widget is finally done. Beside being more maintainable, it also reduces a lot of duplicate code.
    So in the end, the amount of code went down.
  2. Keybindings are made better, e.g. the handling of keybindings on treeview is now done inside the new widget.  This page keeps track of the progress.
    Expect more VI like bindings to GMPC!
  3. For now on, only bug fixes will go in,  slowly working to a new release. TESTERS NEEDED
  4. New wiki now up:  http://wiki.gmpclient.org/



I previously blogged about my DomBox,  because of stability issues with my pandaboard (shamefully) and breaking of pulseaudio in update of ubuntu, I moved the setup over to a Raspberry PI. It struggles a lot more cpu wise, but it seems stable for now.

Currently it does:


Random other stuff

Nixie clock

With a friend I have been building a DCF-77 Nixie clock:


Very fun project to work on, but very annoying sometimes. Especially the DCF-77 module from conrad, it is _crap_ the alignment of the antenna comes down to a few degrees.  But it works.

Video of one of first time syncs here.







At work I have been fiddling with Arduino, seems very nice and dummy proof. I love the fact that you can still program it like a normal AVR. I need to play with this more, esp because  you can get a lot of add-on stuff cheap.



I will try to keep up blogging better in the future.