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GMPC gets QUEUE support, again

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GMPC used to have this before when there was an implementation in MPD a few years back, this implementation never made it into MPD-stable, so was removed.

BUT it is back, in  completely different form. You can now give a song in your playlist a higher priority, so it wil be played next. For this to work, you need a recent MPD and
GMPC+libmpd from git.

REMEMBER: Giving songs priority only works in RANDOM mode.

The QUEUE-ing works as follow: (I need to find a better name then queue-ing)

Select a song in the playlist:**


As you can see, all songs have priority -1 (aka no priority):

Now Press :  “alt-q”


As you can see the priority jumped to 255, and it will be the the next song played (see sidebar).

GMPC will automatically remove the priority once the song is played:


You can also select multiple songs, and queue them. They will get a decrementing priority, this to ensure they play in the right order:



This is a first implementation, I plan to change the color of the song-icon depending on the priority and do some other GUI-updates.