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A Panda been taken down by a Raspberry…

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You have no idea how strongly I hate saying this, but raspberry pi is currently better then my pandaboards.

The raspberry pi is very slow compared to the pandaboard, but a lot of things just work better. Mostly thanks to the huge hype around it and the fact that
the community is huge and problems get solved quickly:
So the good things:



So now I have everything setup: IR receiver, IR blaster, RF transmitter (so I can control the lights) and 1-wire bus for the temperature sensors.

Currently the IR module is fed from the 3.3V power, it seems to be using 8mA max (this is making it continuously sending out a 1) so should be safe, giving I have no ethernet I assume I could draw more then 50mA from the 3.3V line.  The rest is powered from the 5V line, I want to change the IR receiver to the 3.3V version in the future, but that should only add another 5mA.


A small tip when soldering small stuff (I noticed a few times at work students fiddling with this), and you need to hold something small. You could put it in a vice, or try to hold it in a plier (but you loose a hand this way).
There is a very simple easy solution, take the plier, and use a rubber band, works wonders: