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Sunday 20 Jan. 2013

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Because I have done a lot of little things, I will combine it into one post:


Fixed a lot of small things:


I am still looking for people to test the gtk3 port and file bug reports for missing/broken things!!

Moved Window Manager

this one actually consists of many things.  So lets take it step-by-step.

Openbox -> Fluxbox

I have been experiencing problems with openbox. It would crash when monitors are removed using xrandr, also (but this is in hindsight) several things I wanted to setup of keybinding did not fully work.

So on strong advice from the great people in #gmpc I tried fluxbox.  The move was very very easy, I copied my autostart.sh from openbox to startup in fluxbox, changed my xinitrc and I directly had a useable desktop. When setting up the keybindings how I like them it became apparent that setting up fluxbox is a lot easier then openbox.

For example:

   <keybind key=”Alt-w”>
<keybind key=”Left”>
<action name=”If”>

yes <action name=”unmaximize”/>

<action name=”MoveResizeTo”>

50% 50% 0 0

<action name=”GrowToEdge”>




in openbox. That actually did not exactly do what I wanted, (I wanted 50% width and 100% height) but worked around that with the GrowToEdge  because openbox ignores the panel when calculating the monitor height.

In fluxbox, that does what I want, it looks like this:

Mod1 w Left : MacroCmd {ResizeTo 50% 100%} {MoveTo 0 0 Left}

This is so much easier, and does exactly what I want.

So to summarize the pros and cons:



So lets tackle the Cons one by one:

Window Switcher

Because there is no build-in graphical window switcher, Rasi advised me to use simpleswitcher.  This is a small program that gives you a (keyboard searchable!) list of open windows.
I am completely loving this.  Currently bound under Super-tab, but will be bound under alt-tab soon!  I strongly advice people using that.

Requested by Rasi I hacked simpleswitcher to support transparency.   The updated code can be found on github.

Screenshot: here.

Battery indicator in dock

This is still TODO, advice welcome.

Build in run dialog

This is very simple to fix, I set it to use gmrun. Same I used in openbox.

So all in all I got a very nice, fast, goodlooking desktop.

Fluxbox on laptop.


But as often, a taste of improvement makes you want more.  So thanks to zeltak and Rasi I got several new nice programs to use.


Dunst is a minimalistic and easily customizable notification daemon.

I made it nicely theme with my desktops theme.  I patched the makefile to check dependencies, the code can be found on github.


This is a genius little program to easily make and upload screenshots written by Rasi.
I think this is one of the most useful little bash scripts I have seen in a long time. The code can be found here.  He managed to improve it a lot today, so do try it out!!!!

To have transparency support in dzen2 (used for countdowns), you can fetch my branch from github.

More to follow!