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Domotica box V2.

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My domotica box used to be in a crappy blue plastic box, but that box took a lot of space, and kinda looked ugly.
So today I put it in a wooden tea box:

Dom Box Lid

On the top here you see the fan opening, the fan is positioned above the OMAP+memory heatsink, it is off by default and is only turned on (sucking hot air away from the OMAP) when the cpu reaches 60 degrees.

Dom Box inside

Here you see the Panda (ES) board,
on the right the bood disk (SD card in the pandaboard, system disk (USB SD reader, this is faster then using the onboard SD card)
In the lower left corner you see the Fan driver and the driver for the 433MHz transmitter. (Yes it is on a bread-board, I am lazy).
In the lower middle you see the 433MHz transmitter (under the sd card) on the lower right (if you look close) to IR leds, used to control the Stereo.

Dom Box lid

Here you see the fan (from the inside) and the MCEUSB (philips) remote control print. There is a small hole in the lid for the IR receiver.

So left todo is find a small USB hub I can hook up internally, so I can connect the RF reader internally. (Or connect the IR to the expantion header, but for this I need to make a small level converter.)

More on the Software part later.