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How not to behave on irc

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A guy comes in:
11:15:17 Erin | cant get a certain folder to show in mpd its driving me nuts

Having not asked a question, having not read the topic, I joke:
11:16:09 @qball | You need the adress of a good doctor?
He continues:
11:16:39 Erin | I could tell you what I don’t need
and me:
11:18:42 @qball | I do not think that is the most useful direction to go
11:19:01 @qball | but cannot hurt to try
11:19:56 Erin | I really don’t need the attitude
anyway, we tell him, if he wants help he 1.) needs to ask for help. 2.) tell us what is wrong. 3.) obey the topic.

after some more bitching and he is getting actual help!

11:25:04 Erin cirrus fuck off faggot
11:25:10 Erin you really need to get a life
11:25:21 Erin trying to flame people on irc
11:25:24 Erin to make your self feel good

To get banned, and then pm’ing:
11:26:39 Erin | fuck you too you little bitch
11:27:05 Erin | the people you have in your channel are worthless flaming people who come for help

Yes, I could have been nicer and helped him asking for help.
But cursing and name-calling is _never_ ever the answer.

So next time, you are on IRC and you get a bit weird reply, think 2 seconds if what you asked is actually understandable/helpable (new word?) without context!