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because of work I had very little time for working on my opensource programs. Beside lack of time also motivation has been at an all time low.

So i got the idea of doing small projects on things I usually don`t put emphasis on.
The first project will be a gtk3 version of the youless app and focus will be on attractive GUI.

Normally I care more about speed, memory usage, functionality.  This time the focus be clean, simple gui that does just one thing.

The current ios app looks like:

Image from youless.nl

Android app:

Youless android app (beta)

Goal: Gtk3 youless app for desktop.
Focus: Simple attractive GUI. modelled after youless android app.
Timeline: 12h accumilated development time. (max 20)
Language: vala.
Libs: gtk+-3.0, cairo, json-glib.
Reporting: blog.
Reward: I buy myself a bottle of zuidam genever.