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Squishybox: Squeezebox replacement

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My sd card broke down, my cross-build vm gone, so I had to re-do things.

configure the network in logitech gui.
Do a first step on: https://github.com/DaveDavenport/squishybox/wiki/SqueezeBox-Touch (disable watchdog)


  1. Format an empty SD card. (I used ext3, because I am shutting down, rebooting etc alot.. normally use ext2 for better lifetime of the card)
  2. Extract the attached file to the SD card.  Edit squeezeos-boot.sh, to mount the music directory from the right location. (or disable that line if not used).
  3. Pop it in the squeezebox and start it


This should give you a working MPD and simple GUI. Remote control will work.