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GPX-Viewer 0.3.0 – Three is a magick number

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In the past 2 weeks I have been working on porting gpx-viewer to Gtk+-3.0 and libchamplain 0.12. Andrew H. Did the first step for libchamplain, I merged some patches I made before for the gui. Together they resulted in a reasonable good working state. Then I updated things to be back (or better) then old state.

GPX-Viewer is a simple program that can visualize GPX tracks recorded by gps-loggers. I myself use a garmin Legend HTC for this. The data is visualized in several ways:

  1. A map rendered with the track overlay-ed.
  2. A graph plotting the data from the track. For example Speed vs Time, Elevation vs time, etc.
  3. General statistics. e.g. moving average, average, distance, moving time, etc.

Selections can be made to view the above data for parts of the track.

The gui of GPX-Viewer can be customized by the users very easily, by dragging and dropping the panels to different parts of the view you can get the view as you want it.

I hope to make a release of this at the end of this months. If you want to test it out (please do)   you can get a copy here.

p.s. listening to Bob Dorough – Three Is a Magic Number