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Building a LED lamp

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Ever since I installed a nice 2 Meter 18W (66 leds/meter) led strip in the kitchen I have been thinking of making a nice small desktop lamp.

The idea is to place the led-strip in a U shape. The inside is painted black, (to reduce reflections, when you are slightly lower then the lam) and it attached to the roof via small wires  going over a pulley to contra weights  (allowing you to lower it).

Side view:




I am thinking of maybe bending the sides out a bit.

The length of the lamp should be 1000mm (1M). Top view:



I currently made a prototype of 10 cm out of some old U strip and a 3 piece led strip (a 3 cm cut off the strip to use). this already gives a nice ‘extra’ light on my desk without being blinding or painful.