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Ubuntu annoyances

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I have been having a lot of annoying with the latest ubuntu… Help is welcome:

A list of some of the annoyances:

  1. Printing to print-server that requires samba authentication. This worked fine in 11.04 and 10.04.. In 11.10 it never authenticated. In the end I had to use a custom backend that uses smbclient directly. It shows the same auth. popup, but printing works.
  2. Nautilus keeps drawing my background..  Even if I disable it in dconf-editor. Very very annoying.
  3. gajim does not start with python error about keychain..
  4. Strange lockups off the laptop on shutdown.
  5. Printing directly to color laserjet fails. It keeps telling me printer is busy, works fine with same settings from 11.04.
  6. if I disable wifi and turn it on again (using HW switch) I have to type: nmcli nm wifi off and nmcli wifi on a to get it working again.
  7. lightdm shutdown button does exactly nothing..  always have to switch to terminal to shutdown.
  8. etc.

It is that we use ‘ubuntu’ as sort of ‘default’ at work, but I am considering switching to something else..

With the last several releases things I use for work got worse and worse every release. It became harder and harder to use openbox+tint2 as desktop, etc.