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Most people that offered to help when I added the famous nag-screen, directly vanished after I removed it. (thanks)
But there is a ray of light, LibertyZero, he really stepped up and did some great work.
He moved most of the manual to Mallard, so with a bit of luck we have some nice help pages shipped with GMPC.
Beside the manual he found and fixed a whole shitload of bugs:

  1. Use libappindicator for the tray icon. This gives you a more integrated and consistent view in Ubuntu.
  2. Re-added refetch to the lyrics view in now playing.
  3. Fixed textual inconsistencies.
  4. lots and lots more. (see git.musicpd.org)
I am very happy to have some help and he made it possible to have a next release (13 august 2011).
Do you still want to lend a hand? to make GMPC just that little bit better, please join #gmpc on irc.freenode.net.