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An agenda application or the lack of pim on linux

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I have am thinking about buying an Asus 10,1″ EEE Pad transformer. The reason I am looking at one is very simple, I need a usable PIM, mostly focused on a good agenda. For the rest I do not really see the use. I have an Ereader that works fine, last ages on a charge and is light, portable and easy to read. I have an mp3 player for music, etc.

I have no intention to replace any one of these.

Ok, going to keep it short, not going to type another A4 full for the 3rd time because pen-dactyl and wordpress do not work together.  In short: I got a good laptop, with good battery life time I can easily use as agenda. I often carry it around, or am behind a PC at work/home. So I do not need another ‘portable’ gadget that just fills this gap.

What I need is a linux Agenda application that does the following:

A honeycomb or ios tablet will solve all these issues for me, they can do all this. But I want something for my laptop (that does not involve moving to windows or osX)

Anybody has a solution for linux? It seems pim is one of the biggest FAILS on linux yet.



lightning offline editing: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=380060, https://wiki.mozilla.org/Lightning_Offline_Sync