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I got so frustrated asking/pleading and begging for help, that I added a nagscreen to GMPC last week.
This resulted in a lot of people bitching at me complaining and saying they would have helped without the nagscreen

Now lets first correct one thing:

  1. I have been asking for help on a regular basis for the past one and a half year.
  2. GMPC had a popup that asked (a single time) for help.

This did not get me any help? So saying you would not help me with GMPC because of the nagscreen is just to make yourself feel good and have another excuse todo nothing. (nothing wrong with you not wanting to help, but it is very weak to blame it on me for this reason).

Anyway after 1 1/2 year, I think I am going to give up. I have been asking for help with f.e. the manual because I am not good at this (dyslexia), testing code and maintaining. I asked this because I was busy finishing graduating (and now I am working full time) and Illness causes me to have very little energy left after a working day and in the weekend. I know everybody is busy with lot of stuff, so if it is not possible to get enough help I guess the only path is to abandon GMPC. This would be a shame because it is the oldest maintained MPD client and the only one that did not get abandoned at one or another point in time.

p.s. I removed the nagscreen 2 days ago, so it only been there for a short while.