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GMPC MetaData Provider move

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Metadata providers for GMPC are in a constant ‘flux’, today I noticed that lyricsplugin change the api for their website, and the new one is not ‘publicly’ available.
So now there is yet another plugin that people should not be using.

To avoid this problem in the future I am working on the following 2 things:

  1. Plugin blacklist. I can now disable certain plugins within a GMPC release. (this is hardcoded in the source, so no iphoney/android like deadswitch)
  2. Move plugins into GMPC source. This way I can easily remove them without having old packages/git repositories to worry about. Most provider plugins are relatively small so it should not be a problem to begin with. F.e. the the lyricdb plugin is 260 lines, including copyright comment, comments and basic structure. The HTBackground one is 190 lines of code in inclusive (will be enabled when I have an api key for GMPC).

So are you bored? do you want to help with GMPC? you can f.e. write a nice input plugin (preferable in vala) for GMPC that I can include. There are 2 examples (HTBackground and LyrDB for online sources, music-tree for local system) on how to write a plugin like this.