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GMPC: Still help required

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GMPC will turn 8 years old somewhere in the next few months (I do not know the exact date, I can only trace a 0.10 release of traymp (old name) to august).
But I still need help, up to now gmpc + (almost) all the plugins where a one man show (me). Now that I am part of the working force I no longer have the time, or intention, to put
this much work into it.
I won’t abandon GMPC, because I do not want to see another MPD client rot away. GMPC has been there from almost the beginning and is the longest maintained client.

So unless GMPC is going to get some help in the coding division I won’t add new features (unless I get an itch) and there won’t be new plugins (ALSO NO SOUNDMENU!!!!!!!, the code on my download page is unsupported and intentionally broken!.

So if you want to see GMPC improved, well maintained, please mail me, or join the IRC channel and offer your help. I have been slacking in the ‘accepting and coaching help’ in the past few months, because I had a lot of things todo and finish (like graduating) but I’ll promise to spend (if needed) atleast 3 hours a week on this.

So if you can! give GMPC some hard needed love!.