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Random Gnome3 Thoughts

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I have been testing gnome 3 on my (now fixed again!!) 6 year old thinkpad T42p.

  1. Looks good, smooth
  2. Not so good when pc gets a bit more busy. Everything gets slow.
  3. Setting panel: did I switch to osX?
  4. Where did my nice battery information go? I could see current power consumption and the like.
  5. Why is everything so HUGE.  the window border is very large, but does not provide me with a lot of information or interaction. Breadcrumb in nautilus is atleast twice what it should be. (in height).
    We can save a lot of real estate here.
  6. Why not make space for new application?
  7. Shutdown? hello anyone? (log out, then gdm allows you to shutdown)