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Squishybox, now with themes.

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Been working in the train on SDLMPC aka, squishybox.  At the moment I support bitmap caching (for better memory usage and performance) and I directly implemented Theme support.

To keep things simple more widgets are just pictures, that must be available in 3 states:  NORMAL, HIGHLIGHT, PRESSED.

It been progressing slowly, but starting to get more and more useful, currently the following is working:

  1. Now Playing works, you can play,pause,stop,forward, backward, seek in a song and change volume.
  2. Notifications work, if repeat/random/single/consume changes you get a popup.
  3. Database browser works, you can now add directories and songs. (with the side note that adding a directory by touch is not yet supported, but I got ideas on how todo it)
  4. Server settings work (setting random, repeat, single consume), outputs is still a todo.
  5. Alarm work, you can have squishybox wake you up.
  6. remote control works (via ir)
  7. Presence detection works (squishybox will wake up when you get close)
  8. Running on a PC works (yes use your interface on  your computer too)

Even though it is an impressive list, there is still a lot left todo. Like play-queue view, context menu’s etc.


And a small movie:

Squishybox in action

But I still need help with UI design and many other things!!!!