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Squishybox – Updates

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Some new mockups:

Mockup root
Root window
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And some implementation screenshots:
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I cannot remember where I got the background images from, let alone what the license is. So I am looking for some nice 480×272 pixel backgrounds that I can ship with it. Please let me know if you know if you have some or know where I can get some ‘free’ backgrounds that I can include.

Owh and a nice thingy (I will try to make a video of it later) The box wake’s up from ‘standby’ (it has no real standby, just a modi with playback stopped and backlight off (1.8W energy usage)) if you move close to it. So if you move your hand to touch it, it will turn on before you reach the screen. Pretty ‘futuristic’ been playing with that for a while yesterday :D