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GPX-Viewer: libchamplain weird errors

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I have 2 very weird errors currently with gpx-viewer.

  1. The missing events.

I am trying to catch click events on the map, idea is that the users clicks a point on the track, and that point is highlighted in the graph.

So reading the GtkChamplain and Champlain documentation, I saw the following:

Get the ChamplainView from the GtkChamplainEmbed widget via the GtkChamplain.Embed::get_view() function, then on the ChamplainView there is a signal (inherited from ClutterActor, but it is also mentioned explicitly in the api documenation) button-release-event and button-press-event.

However, these never ever fire. I also tried the captured-event and the event signal, but no dice.

  1. Crash on* gtk_main_quit*

When I do gtk_main_quit in my program, it crashes.  Looking at the backtrace this crash originates in

This only happens when I do not use GtkRecentManager, the moment I do gtk_recent_manager_add_item, it won’t crash.

The problem with this crash is, it completely screws up fglrx and causes it to start leaking memory like crazy. (I guess because clutter is never properly closed).

I _realy_ need a solution for this mess.