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Battery life time, better then expected.

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A small while back I bought a new laptop, one with a AMD II Neo K345 processor with HD4225 (I think).
On the internet I read that the battery life was decent but not good. Like 4 hours tops on the stock (56Wh) battery.
So I got it with the 90Wh battery hoping to get around 6 hours battery life, but the battery life is even better.
Under normal usage the battery last around 8 and a half hours, this while coding, watching a movie (uses 11% cpu @ lowest clock speed, not bad) or just browsing the internet. The energy usage varies between 9.8Wh and 12.3Wh.
But it gets more fun, when the screen turns off, the usage drops to 4.8W, so I configured the box to turn of the screen very quickly, it is has LED backlight, so this should not be a problem.

So today I just had it on my desktop, using it off and on, I spend like one and half hour running, compiling and rerunning a complex program (that used one core at full speed the whole time, bumping usage up to 15.5Wh), I watched a movie, etc.
So I have around 8 and half hours uptime (on battery), 4 hours standby, I still have 35% battery left, that what typing this predicts atleast 3 hours remaining.

So now I am finally mobile again.

p.s. why does upowerd keep the harddisk awake by writing to a log file named after the id of my harddisk. (I assume it stores the profile in it). Isn’t the whole idea of the power-management to conserve power, not to waste it by keeping the harddisk spinned up.