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GMPC what todo2?

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What needs still needs to be done with GMPC?

For the next release? from the top of my head:

  1. Plugins needs to be sorted out. There are some plugins that are not working properly anymore. Like amazon.   Plugins needs to be tested and  a list need to compiled containing plugins that should be removed, fixed, etc.
  2. The manual needs work. Lot of work: http://gmpclient.org/manual
  3. Translations of GMPC and the GMPC manual.
  4. Albumview plugins needs to be rewritten.
  5. Keybindings need sorting.
  6. Finish GMPC Metadata Daemon.
  7. etc.

But for the future, lot more work need to be done.  Replace libmpd by libmpdclient2, code cleanups, etc. I just do not have the time at the moment.