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Pope, Magere Hein, PWM, K8055

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Ok, what do the Pope, Magere Hein, PWM and K8055 have in common?  It are the things I should not have been doing today.

Pope vs. Magere Hein.

I gave my desktop a small update. I must be one off the rare people that has a pope on his background.


PWM & K8055

I have 3x20W halogen light bulbs for soldering and stuff, but for normal computer work, this is way to much light. So I had a nice little led strip for more ‘mood lighting’.

Recently I added 2x3W led spots (I bought cheaply), they have a nice fairly pleasant light, and (for  monitor work) are better positions then the halogen, but still a lot of light. So with some parts I had still lying around, a K8055 velleman board (piece of utter crap) and a few n-fet’s  I made them computer controllable.  So I can now set them at a pleasant level.  So if I could get my dockstar working again, I could add some ambient light sensor and make it even a bit nicer. (The led lights control amazingly well using pwm, earlier attempt with some more expensive bulbs (that had step down converter in them) did not dim this nicely.)


I don’t know if more then 10 people use it, but I made some good updates to stuffkeeper lately. They improve usability a lot. (looks not very nice, work good).  It allows you to quickly tag, remove tag and create tags from items. Also several uses with the barcode plugin (I still need to put online) are made.   I can now hold a box (with a stuffkeeper printed label on them, the box represents a tag in stuffkeeper), see a nice little popup showing what is in the box. (an slightly outdated video is here: here)