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PandaBoard: Fancy new hardware

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A week ago the PandaBoard/ was announced and I WANT ONE. (but no money..)

But one thing has been bugging the hell out of me every since I read the page, that is the following info:

Low power audio (upto 140+ hr CD-quality audio playback)

Owh cool 140+ Hourse of CD-quality audio playback.. eeuh wait

It is very nice information but sais _absolutely_ nothing,  it tells me not a single thing, beside the fact the device is capable of audio playback.

Also the following:

Full HD (1080p) multi-standard video encode/decode

I am convince my old beagleboard can do that too, and the small arm11 box too.  No  not real-time, but they do not mention that either.

Dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9 MPCore™ with Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) at 1Ghz each. Allows for 150% performance increase over previous ARM Cortex-A8 cores.

A9 core is nice offcourse, at 1Ghz, fancy.. and 150% faster then an A8.   so a dual core is only 50% faster then a single A8? or each core?    The A8 is it running at 500mhz? 720 mhz (as the previous beagleboard can do), 1Ghz (as the beagleboard xm I think).

And I can go  on like this. I am still very exited about it, and I want one. But how hard is it to give some highlights that actually tell me something.