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Getting MPD to run smooth(er) on squishybox

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I have spend some time today trying to get MPD to run smoother on the squeezebox touch. I had two issues, I solved one!

  1. A pop is audible when skipping songs.  I made a recording here. (open it in audacity and put the wave-form in DB to clearly see it).
  2. Alsa underruns.

I managed to solve the second one, by modifying MPD to run the output thread with Real Time  priority (SCHED_RR, prio 65). The squeezebox touch run stock a linux kernel with PREEMPT-RT patches. (Real-time linux patches, or how it is called).

To get patches/code please see the github Wiki for squishy box.

I also got ntpdate working (another thing that needs to modify the original firmware for it to work, need a solution for that) so it does not constantly think it is 1970.

For people using stuffkeeper? I fixed a build error with newer vala, so everything should compile and install fine again.