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Riding bike + opengl text issues.

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I know, they don’t look related at first glance.. But the thing is this, I starting riding my bike again. So last 1.5 weeks I drove a while every evening. (after 9.30 when the temperature was somewhat lower).
This been going a lot better then suspected, I have been able to keep up a good average speed (around 28km/h outside off the city) for more then an hour. (I drive a Cannondale mountain-bike).
So giving that I have been driving more and more, I have been using gpx-viewer again. And also here a problem I have been noticing lately is showing up..
The text rendered on the libchamplain canvas are black boxes (see image) I see the same in f.e. AWN.
Anybody knows a solution for this? running lucy lucifer (10.05) and nvidia 195.36.24 ( also had it in a few previous versions).