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Squeezeboxcenterserver 7.5

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They just release squeezeboxserver (or how they call it this week) 7.5.  So like a faithfull user I updated and I can happily tell that this time nothing broke (thats a first).

But just now I noticed they added (or might have been there in previous?) a 500 song limit on adding songs to playlist. When searching on the forum, this was done for performance issues.  People to often found themself adding lot of songs to the playlist, causing the server to lock up for 10 minutes..

In the world of today, where your phone is faster then a pc from 7 years ago, is this possible? The server _has_ near nothing todo, beside scanning the music and serving it. (I don’t use transcoding and all the other stuff).

Sorry, but a machine with a 1.5Ghz Via Esther and 1 gig of ram should handle a 10000 playlist easily. It should handle 100.000 songs easily.  Why can’t a commercial company that has been at it for many many years (first slimdevices, now logitech) get it right.  The web interface is still terrible slow, near useless, the iphone application often stalls too on searches (happens server side I guess). Only the interface on the squeezebox itself is doable, if the playlist is small.

I raised the limit, and indeed try to add my full collection. I am still waiting for the cpu usage to drop and the center to become available again.  At logitech: Hire a decent C programmer, dump the perl core and get some performance going. 100000 songs in a playlist should never ever be a problem, esp. if you use a full fledged database as backend.

I don’t get this. I really really don’t.

p.s.  Tested mpd, it runs fine with all my songs added to the playlist.