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GMPC 0.19.0

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GMPC 0.19.0 showing off a few new features

GMPC 0.19.0 is the latest (at 19-09-09) version. It has several large changes visible to the user and factors more under the hood. Several long standing “wishes” where completed, like metadata plugins running in the main thread, a metadata selector, sqlite based metadata cache, GObject based plugins and much more. These updates will not only improve the user experience, but also make it possible to add lua or python plugins in the future.

New features


Bug fixes

For a complete list of bug fixes see mantis

This include the annoying password bug in 0.18.0:

In RC2:


New Plugins

Album View


Album view.

An often requested feature. Albumview shows all albums in a large table. Each album is depicted by it’s cover. You can browse through it by either scrolling through all albums or filtering the list by keywords.

Beware the album view plugin can be very memory hungry.

Dynamic Playlist

The dynamic playlist plugins appends songs to the current playlist that are similar to the playing song. It currently fetches this data from last.fm.

Current features:

Lyrics plugin

Uses lyricsplugin (website: http://www.lyricsplugin.com/ ) to fetch lyrics.

Updated Plugins






Removed plugins

Cover Amazon

Because of change in api, a signed request is required. Private key is not allowed to be shipped openly.


You can find the source files and the win32 binary here