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Computer power use

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A while back I started “watching” the amount of power I used. I also took it into account when buying a new computer and setting things up.

F.e. I went for the E8400 instead of the Q6600 quad core partially because it used less power.  I got a 80+ certified psu.  I always turn the computer off with hard switch, additional to the normal “soft off”. My music ‘computer’ (a mac mini intel) turns standby in 15 minutes off idle.

This are the current usage I get:

Computer + 2x Monitor + usb devices + digitenne reciever (dvb-t) + dect-phone charger  at idle = 155W (average over days is equal because higher usage is compensated by the monitors quickly turning standby)

If I put some load on this rises to around 200W.

Now if I look at the average of the separate devices I get:

My stereo uses around 50 W. That is mac mini as playback and a NAD amplifier, marantz radio + cd player standby. (turning music up nicely increases power usage, but I taken average).

Include a 13W + 60W worth of lamps this gets me to a total of around 270W for a “computer room”.

Just curious what other people use.