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Grind My Gears: Brasero idiocity

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This, today, totally pissed me off.

I wanted to burn a file on a cd, so in nautilus I typed burn:// added the files, pressed burned.

This nicely stopped with the message:

BraseroGenisoimage stopping
Session error : The file is not stored locally (brasero_burn_record burn.c:2650)

Well I got a few things to say about that.

  2. ARE YOU F*** CRAZY.
  3. That file is on a nfs share, located on a raid system connected via a gigabit network.  I get 60-70 mbyte/sec from that share.  MORE then sufficient to burn a cd, or a dvd..
  4. Ok Ok, I can see that for some users you need to warn them.. but just to quit with an error is madness itself. ATLEAST ALLOW ME TO FRIGGING CONTINUE.

I always stayed out of the discussion that GNOME would assume users more stupid with every release, but hitting this, I can only agree.

There is also no entry in regedit gconf-editor to disable this idiotic behauviour.