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Looking for a good digital agenda

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I am currently using the combination of my mobile phone (E78) and my Palm Tungsten E.

The phone I only use because I have it always with me. I do loathe the agenda interface in it. So purely using the phone is not an option.

The palm is getting old and is starting to give problems.  Syncing is failing me constantly (using iSync) and I am having problems with the battery draining fast, leaving it completely empty. Restoring from the computer again is a pain and takes hours to get working right. (above sync problems).

Currently I get iSync plugin timeouts, the palm complaining about non-compatible installers and all that crap. This repeats everytime the battery gets empty.

So I am looking for an agenda like my palm, with the following requirments:

  1. Good, user friendly, interface.  I like the one that comes with my palm. It is simple and just works.
  2. Easy sync. with pc.  Preferable under linux, for my palm I gave up and I actually bought a mac for this. So it should at-least (as fallback) work with iSync.
  3. Good battery life. say 2-3 weeks normal use.  (My palm used to do this easiest)
  4. Easy data entry.  How palm’s grafity works is the bottom line, preferable something easier. Entering via the current mobile phone num-pad way is a no-go.

Things I don’t find important:

  1. Being able to play games
  2. Make phone calls (this is a negative point).

Anybody know a device that fits this bill?