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Ever since 0.18.0 was released I started working on 2 larger changes in gmpc.

  1. GObject based plugins.
  2. Remove threading from the metadata system.

  3. is now working as blogged about previous (see here) .

Just now I realized number 2.

I converted the last metadata plugin over to the new, non-threaded api. Previously I only provided a “blocking” downloader and metadata queries where done in a separate thread. Since today all plugins run in the main thread and use the async-downloader.

I also made the metadata plugins return a list of uris to the results instead of downloading it, storing it a file and passing a url to it.

This allows me to make a cover art selector ( see this movie).

So now it is time for testing, cleaning up, and more testing.

Another large change recently implemented is the possibility to translate the plugins.

So the next release will future major, mostly invisible, changes to gmpc…