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After several months of inactivity, I finally spend a few moments fixes a few small things in stuffkeeper and importing several patches from ifireball.

What is stuffkeeper

Stuffkeeper is a catelog program. Unlike many other catalog programs, it is not bound to a specific type. I wrote stuffkeeper because I wanted a program where I could ‘catalog’  any item in one database.

This is exactly what stuffkeeper does, you define a set of types (for example Audio CD, DVD, Gadgets, Books, Websites). You can define the fields each item should hold, and the basic layout of that item.

Then you can add as many items of each type in one big list.

Doesn’t this get chaotic?

It probably will, that is why you have tags and you can define filters.

You can for example create a filter that only displays items of the type book, and has patterson in the author field.

Or a filter that only shows items that have a tag containing “desk drawer”.

What more?

Stuffkeeper is not build to be innovative or have schockingly complex features.  It is written to be easy to use and responds how you expect.

It is f.e. fully instant-apply. If you have 3 books open, and you add a field to the book type, all the book types will instantly update, and the new view will be visible. But also if you have the same item open multiple times (yes this is possible) moving the slider in one view, will instantly update the sliders in the other view. No more  pressing save, accidently overwriting changes done in other windows etc.

If you wrote a type, you can export this type and share it with others.

**But it also has some more advanced features

There is a html export function, that can be tweaked by writing templates.

Example 1: http://random.sarine.nl/database.html

Example 2: http://random.sarine.nl/database2.html

If you have a gpg key, you can use this key to encrypt important fields (e.g. passwords).

Plugin support, you can easily write plugins to extend functionality. This plugin can be written in either C or vala.

2 proof of concepts plugins are available a tag cloud plugin and a musicbrainz lookup plugin.

Is it done?

No, stuffkeeper is far from done. A lot of work is still needed, but it is functional.

Website:  http://www.stuffkeeper.org/

Bugtracer:  http://bugtracker.sarine.nl/


Showing an item:

Showing the edit type window: (this needs improving)

The main window

Tag cloud example plugin

For more screenshots, see the website.