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GMPC on windows 7

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I tried out, as blogged before, windows 7 a while back. So today I tried running my latest standalone windows build of gmpc on it. (this build ships the needed gtk files, so you don’t need to install gtk to run it).

And to my amazement it worked out of the box, even on windows 7 64bit.

Screenshot http://images.sarine.nl/gmpc-windows7.png (to big to include)

As you can see the magnatune,jamendo and lastfmradio plugin work too.

The lastfmradio plugin and the jamendo one used to use libgio, but it seems that libgio is to much of a hit-and-run to be useful. Even on “normal” linux system it fails completely. Ranging from doing nothing (missing/not working gvfsd-http) to crashes. So a few days ago I added to gmpc-easy-download (used by metadata plugins) a async downloader.. gmpc-easy-async-download based on libsoup.This instantly fixed a lot of problems people having, and is _feels_ a lot faster then the old libgio one.

For everybody wanting to try out gmpc on windows, here is the link:


Warning: it is a bit messy.