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Testing Windows 7

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Just like I did with windows vista, I downloaded the beta and gave it a try:


This was more tricky then I thought. First I tried it in firefox, I could get to the point where I got a activation key and I could click “Download Now”. Clicking the button however did nothing. Then I tried Opera, same issue.

If it does not support non-IE browser, why don’t they warn about it? This did give me 3 valid keys though.

So I started my windows 2000 VM and try to download it in IE 6.0. Again I got to the Download now button, but clicking it gave me another page telling me to install an activeX component that never came.

So out of frustration I booted my laptop in windows XP, here the download works.

The download manager worked good and the speed was great. (1.2 mbyte/sec).


This morning before I had to go out I started the installation. The installation wizard is a great improvement over f.e. XP and it took me only a few minutes to get the install started.

Because I was away I have no idea how long it took.

One thing I noticed is that it used “Clear Type” during installation, but wrongly, so every character had a small red/blue “shadow” . Very uneasy on the eyes.

Running it first time.

The time it took to display the desktop is good, a huge improvement over both XP and Vista in my experience.

The desktop is clean and has a nice background image (not my type, but a  good background.). The second thing that stands out is the bar, it is almost double the height of windows 2000 (or xp in classic theme) and has large, full height buttons. It reminded me of KDE 2/3 desktop.


The first thing i saw when the desktop opened was a small popup telling me it was downloading and installing updates.

Using it

It feels a lot like vista, only faster. My VM is faster then a laptop I maintain, both have the same amount of memory (2048Mb). The cpu for the vm is faster, but only has access to one core (both core 2 duo’s).

The following remarks probably apply to Vista too, but I hardly use it.

Things I noticed:

Things I like:

I know it is not a detailed description, just my thoughts after playing with it for 1 hour.

One thing i am curious about (but to lazy to check out) is all the network traffic.


p.s. pc score: