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GMPC-git build script.

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If you want to use the latest greatest git version, but don’t want the hassle of updating, building the whole tree everytime. There is now a script available that does this for you.

The script can be found here.

Before using this script you should edit the user settings. (prefix, number of threads to use during compilation, etc.).

Make the script executable (chmod 755 build_gmpc_new.sh).

Running the script like:

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Will fetch (or update) all the items listed in PACKAGES. If you use this script for building, it won’t rebuild modules that are not updated.

The script (added that today, so might be buggy) can also update itself, run

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./gmpc_build_new.sh update

It will update everything under the Don’t edit line, so your settings should be preserved.


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 ./gmpc_build_new.sh help

for more information.