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For years now I always said that I wouldn’t implement certain things. Because 1. I don’t know how, or 2 I don’t like it.

In the last s weeks I have implemented several of these things.

1. “Tabbed” like view

I don’t like tabs, especially in music players. People do however request it a lot,  mostly because “I can access it quickly”.

My counter-arguments where:

To proof this I wrote a “button” bar, because using real GtkNotebook does not fit gmpc internals.

But people still liked it and because the quick implementation I did was pretty clean. (It nicely follows the GtkTreeModel the sidebar and dropdown uses) I decided to keep it there.

Evil deed 1.

2. Last.FM Radio

Now this one is not too evil, but it is something I didn’t know that was possible.

Now that I written already 2 things I decided I could go to greater evil as well:

3. Tag edit plugin

Yes, you read this right. Tag editing is now possible with the right plugin. I don’t like it, as it requires direct access to your music database. But many people have that and I guess it can be useful to quickly fix a few tags.

Yeah, tag editing.  It is not too advanced, but it can do a simple form of mass-tagging.

Evil deed 2.

Because mpd is finally under heavy development again and a lot of bugs got fixed, including streaming. (It now uses libcurl instead of the crappy self written code it used to use). I could finally fix up my “mserver” plugin.

This plugin embeds a small webserver in gmpc using libmicrohttpd. Via this webserver it can stream local files via the network to gmpc. Seeking if fully supported and for most formats mpd nicely reads the metadata tags. I also added tagreading to this plugin, so if you add a song to the list of “allowed local songs” you see all the tags.

I hope to get a Release Candidate 1 released this weekend of gmpc/libmpd and the stable plugins. (not sure if tagedit will be part of this.).



Fixed bugs:


The download link to gmpc will be posted shortly.


gmpc website: http://gmpcwiki.sarine.nl/

p.s. this must be my longest blog ever.