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I haven’t posted a blog/rant in a long time (because of illness). As always I promise todo better.

My last GMPC release had the tag-line: “Still 100% gnome free”. This tag line is there, not because I hate gnome, because quiet often people do not install GMPC because it is called Gnome Music Player Client. They think it will pull in a lot of gnome dependencies, think the client would be heavy and bloated. While it might be somewhat bloated, GMPC surely aint heavy and it will not pull in any gnome library. (To proof this I have several comparison screenshots on http://images.sarine.nl/)
I like gnome myself. Ever since CVS branch of gnome 2.0.0 became runable I used it. Day in day out.

There are some things that make me wonder sometimes about gnome, my biggest issues: Why does gnome-terminal and gnome-panel use more memory then f.e. epiphany with several tabs open. Because of this, I don’t use it on my netbook, it has sufficient memory, but no swap. Running 3-4 gnome-terminals easily eat up 1/2 the available memory. Gnome-terminal + gnome-panel use more then the total memory used when I start my current desktop (X+openbox+trayer+tint+urxvt+xcompmgr @ ~ 40mbyte). But on my laptop, that has swap, and my desktop I prefer running gnome.

Being done ranting (I promised one on the first line) I can get back to buisness; I am looking for somebody to build debian/ubuntu packages of GMPC,libmpd and the plugins.
All the releases are build using make distcheck, so hopefully it would not be to much work.
I often get the question why I don’t do it myself. For that I have an easy answer, I prefer fixing and improving gnome then trying to figure out X different package build systems, I don’t have the time/energy for that.

I have setup a wiki for gmpc, here. If you want to help, let me know.