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I installed ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop last night, and after first boot it told me, that my battery might be broken. WTH!.
After checking the stats, it just complained that the last full was 39% of the designed capacity. (stupid laptop batteries, this is the second one, going down fast). Nothing new or something to worry about.

After the first time I put my laptop standby, and woke it up again, I got a message about a ‘wrong timeout’, but no clue what is wrong.

After the second time I put my laptop through a standby cycle, I get a message that my computer failed to suspend. This is not a bad message, if it where true.
My laptop was in standby mode for 8 hours.

Keeping the user informed is a good thing, I agree. But someone less experienced, how would he/she react to these messages?
And why is powermanager telling lots of things and thing that are pointless, while f.e. network manager does not even tell me in a nice popup that it connected to a wireless network, or switched to wired?
(also it seems to use around 20% more power then previous ubuntu).