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Pulse audio

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A while back I moved my stereo to the other side of the room. It got to far away to connect my desktop to my stereo.

I do have my old mac-mini connected to my stereo, so I decided see if I could use pulse to have the audio from my desktop on my stereo.

For anybody else wanted to try it:

On the server:

  1. First make pulseaudio allow remote connections: (this is also needed to have mpd work when running as different user as pulseaudio.

Now MPD should work, but that was not the goal.

Lets test it by trying playing a movie on the desktop machine:

PULSE_SERVER=  mplayer -ao pulse dvd://1

Now if you want to have all audio moved to the “remove pulse server” edit /etc/pulse/client.conf and set  default-server =

Now set in System->Preferences->Sound  the music&video output to pulse audio (you might need to install the right gstreamer-pulse output first.)