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StuffKeeper, now using sqlite3

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I spend the whole day today rewriting the backend of StuffKeeper to use sqlite3.

It’s been a while since I spend a whole day hacking on a program. It feels good todo this once in a while. Now lets hope it was worth it.

For everybody allready using stuffkeeper, please give it a good try. There is a (very) hackish tool in  tools/ that can convert the old (flat file) db to a sql file you can then import into the new db.

The only problem that I now have is syncronising, with the old flatfile unison did a wonderfull job. Now this aint possible again. I’ve added a “last-modified” field to tags, items, and schemas so it should be possible. Maybe I can do some magick with conduit, anybody got experience with this?

I hope to make a pre-release next week.