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Good GPS software for nokia Phone

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Today I went for a cycle on my bike and (for the first time using gps) i found my way by uploading a route to my mobile phone. There using mobitrack to display it. Shamefully the track I d/l from the bikerouteplanet was more then 20km longer then what they said. So I had to find my way through a small forest road (60-80cm wide and with trees on the side) in the dark… not fun. Never been so happy with gps to find my way. (And having good mountain bike fr all the bumps).

But mobitrack isn’t the best software in the world, and is quiet buggy. (it does not read gpx files, the first hitch) and the controls are ackward.

So I am looking for decent gps software for my phone, to be used driving my bike. Full details maps aren’t a must, I can get a track and just use that, it’s less easy, but quiet doable. I need to be able to load and store tracks, and it would be nice if i could easily add tags to points…

So anybody have a suggestion? It does not have to be free (but not tooo expensive, I am only a student).